Learning Community

Colebee Learning Community

The Colebee Learning Community of Schools strives to work collectively and collaboratively to serve the learning needs of our students by building new learning and cultural relationships, sharing data and resources and innovatively bridging the gap between the primary and high school environments.


Colebee Learning Community Schools are:

- Marayong South Public School

- Doonside Public School

- Crawford Public School and,

- Doonside Technology High School.


Our primary aim is to utilise the combined knowledge and strengths of the brilliant teachers and leaders within the 4 schools to build new and sustainable pathways for success for both teachers and students.


Initiatives of the Colebee Learning Community

  • Transition Program for yr 5 and 6 students- During terms three and four, students from the learning community participate in taster lessons over a 10 week period where they attend the High School on Wednesday afternoons.  Students are familiarised with the layout and structure of the school, participate in assemblies and get a feel for the culture and environment of High School.
  • Annual Gala Sport Day and Disco in which year 5, 6 and 7 students begin to develop peer relationships through social interaction and participation in physical activity.
  • Annual Colebee Learning Community Staff Development Day held in Term 2.  Teachers are professionally developed and trained in the area of ICT.
  • Lexia Reading Progam- selected students from the Colebee Schools attend weekly lessons in the highly specialised Lexia software literacy program. 
  • Stage 3 and Stage 4 Mathematics teachers observes one another's classroom practice, teaching styles and shared methodologies in working mathematically. 
  • The Woodcroft Lakes Project- involved Science teachers from DTHS conducting field work to test water quality and measure the quality of the biotic environment in the Woodcroft Lakes, close to all Colebee Schools and involving small groups of year 6 students from all the schools.
  • Colebee Learning Community Biannual Showcase- a joint community concert showcasing the performing arts skills and talents from across the Colebee Schools, K to 12.
  • Combined Learning Support Team meetings between the key staff from the 4 Colebee Schools.  This is important in addressing special needs and the transition for a large number of students.